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Yeah, A writer of the Book called: "Tameluck Relaxed" Now at chapter 14 of 27.. Photographer, ^^ Just type: Demian Bergsma @Goog. n find photo's.. got some kids.. I'm 29. Eahm, Street-theatre artist, Rapper! n Dancer, got my choice as strong as can be.

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We're bout to be on our way. Behave you! And get a smarter mind in coherence. Inquiries..?!?!? Really? What if we all co-operated? Maybe you can't imagine what that would mean, But what if you thought of it... Well. what do you think of... hnm? We could bring the world the joy it really asks for. so none of those fake feelings anymore! Never! ..........

yeah like your supposed to think. uhm what did I mean with that? hnm... ah well, they confuse a lot. So back in the days I was stupid too? Hmn? I said "too" or as well because U behold me for someone who's fooling yall but only fools fool. duh waarom is dat anders het zelfde woord hmn?

something in yo mind can be - of outside you own choice of thinking

-against you (seeming)

Actually it is just your own body who wants to ack'n something

So if you didn't know this. Then you would accept all deesz faulty fods wouldn't you?

No. No blame or shame is put upon you. and your body is just confused because they do not ack'n the truth, but they were with you all of yor own exi.

You could sayit. you rally could

If you attach the true Value of Meaning to truth telling!

Hn? Bacause you cannot -think of a way to solve

- predict how I coul or would solve? it?

Yeah. I. am. Sure of: that you have a few of those



E'body has

Well.. not quite like that

Do you know what: LOGIC means to me?

Yeah try to predict what it would... mean tah me.




I guess you (If you had read some of it) Would be pretty curious about it... It is about Jorrit Mountgra who becomes a Superhero with his friend n mentor PaWu/Puali Wulff It's In Eng n Dutch entangling within ithus.. Tha bookin side to side up with loads of char's like 3 Ol' Indan's Geronimo, Li'l kuzo n JuanDiso// J=G like Jose, in spanish, gGgésus, Ah well Yell find out, there some on my fb, but not at all what I wrote towards this moment... some are checking me out already? Chillin to extreme extents!! When Seeing my photo's n stuff, these guys been here quite a while! I was on this site when I was like 15/6 n now at the Tme I'm residing at :p I'm 29 Oh n I'll type it out, N It isn't about the money for me, nor the fame... Just about true.. uhm trueness/ graceflness.. Like what Love these you (all) are suppesed to be involved with.. What love is?? I see it as all the positivity in one's life. All that went positive, or ah well, just what you ave been going through.. Oh and I'm a rapper too/ singer/ dancer.. check it out later, I'll be putting on some links, my soundcloud n youtube adress, it's pretty aging or how'd you call thad? but Everything cool ovar thair? Greetings... yours sincerely... (love that movie!)(DeNiro!!)